21 Essential Ingredients work in synergy to create pure and powerful skin. LUVA is the 1-step solution to hydration, clarity, and resilence. 

  • Olive Oil

    High in Omega 9 fatty acids, as well as the antioxidants vitamins A and E to nourish and moisturize the skin.

    Olive Oil
  • Jojoba Oil

    Used to treat skin conditions for thousands of years - moisturizes while controlling oily skin through anti-inflammatory action.

    Jojoba Oil
  • Babassu Oil

    Possesses emollient properties which react to your skin to address either oily or dry conditions.

    Babassu Oil
  • Castor Oil

    Known to have antiviral, anti-fungal, and antibacterial properties.

    Castor Oil
  • Shea Butter

    The butter is a complex fat and excellent emollient that contains vitamins A and E, polyphenols and phytonutrients.

    Shea Butter
  • Sweet Almond Oil

    Soothes skin irritation and inflammation, and restores skin to a normal ph level.

    Sweet Almond Oil
  • Sunflower Oil

    Works synergystically with olive oil to create a rich, gentle, moisturizing lather.

    Sunflower Oil
  • Palm Oil

    A rich source of Vitamin A.

    Palm Oil
  • Rice Bran Oil

    Deeply moisturizing. Anti-aging, Contains squalane. Brightens skin, reduces dark spots.

    Rice Bran Oil
  • Activated Charcoal

    Captures bacteria, foreign debris and other nano-particles on the surface of skin. Provides another mode of cleansing in addition to lather.

    Activated Charcoal
  • Black Oxide

    Colors the soap and acts as a micro-exfoliant, polishing the skin.

    Black Oxide
  • Sacha Inichi Extract

    Help maintain skin's flexibility, protect it from the abuse of external elements, and lock in moisture to keep the skin well hydrated.

    Sacha Inichi
  • Sea Buckthorn

    Improve the softness of the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and slow the signs of aging.

    Sea Buckthorn
  • Bentonite Clay

    Deep cleanses pores and draws out toxins

    Bentonite Clay
  • Chamomile Extract

    Heals wounds and blemishes, disinfects. Eliminates free radicals. Promotes healthy glow.

    Chamomile Extract
  • Vitamin E

    Tocopherols. Brightens. Reverses free radical damage. Hydrates.

    Vitamin E
  • Egyptian Amber

    A blend of essential oils and plant resins that impart scent without insulting the central nervous system.

    Egyptian Amber
  • Mica

    Exfoliates through bio-degradable crystals while giving each bar a unique glimmer.

    Coconut Oil